Saturday, November 15, 2008

Living Water

Living Water is a watercolor and ink work that I did in a series. It is only 9x12. I say that because I was at about the same time working on a 18x24 abstract watercolor and ink work, which was taped to my kitchen table to avoid warping during the water color process. Obviously I got a little too comfortable with it being there and with the fact that I have a few cats. I absentmindedly left a half a cup of coffee on the table and went out. I should have remembered that I have a tiny tuxedo cat that loves to stick her head into anything that contains liquid! I returned from my errands to find that she had indeed stuck her head into the cup and due to the fact that the cup was a bit too small for her head (and she is stubborn) it appeared that at some point it stuck on her head and she got it off (somehow) and wound up spilling coffee all over the 3/4 done water and ink drawing. I think I could have saved it, if someone had not walked through it, and I think but cannot prove, SAT in it! Smearing ink and watercolors and coffee all together....... I learned my lesson that artwork and liquids and cats do not go together. You can combine any two of the three at any one time but all three together is a disaster just waiting to happen!


  1. You really do need to just get rid of those cats.... Bunko - Friday - my house - consider yourself notified

  2. I think I might need directions since I have only been there about 1000 times...